Polish International Basketball League (PIBL) is a place, where fans and amateurs of basketball from all around the World can meet and play. We are forming national teams who are fighting for League’s championship.

Season is split into regular season (8 games) and playoffs (3 games).

Teams are playing every Saturday or Sunday at OSiR Polna Gym (ul. Polna 7a) in Warsaw.

We are providing professional referees, full game stats, game photos, video highlights, life broadcast on facebook (full games), water, final party and prizes for best teams and players!

Before every game there is team presentation and national anthems are played.

Every season is preluded by Draft day, where new players can join national teams.

If there is no team of player’s nationality, organiser allows to join different nation (for example player from Cuba can play with Spain, and so on).

We are playing for the team, nation and fun!

If you want to join PIBL just contact us and we will find you a team.

You can also register whole team and join representing your nation!

Join our Draft right now!

23rd of January at 18:00 in OSiR Polna (Polna 7a, Warsaw)

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